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Rodent Control

There are statistical evidences that rats consume and contaminate more food than man. They are a problem world over in every home, office or factory, garden and in the fields as well.

A rat can bring down an aeroplane. Chewing of cables can totally destroy the computer programmes.Electrical cables are often chewed by rats cause short circuits. In warehouses rats eat and damage stored products by contaminating them with urine and faeces matter.

Global Pest Control Co. has specialised in Rat control. May it be a house, office or a factory, a warehouse, pharmaceutical unit or a ship, we have the right answer. We have an integrated approach for the management of the rat problem.

Poison baiting with safe anti-coagulant rodenticides, trapping and repelling them from certain quarantine areas. Mice or a bandicoot we give you can always depend on us.